Last steps to v.1.4 release


A few things concerning the site and such

I rarely post updates here because it takes a lot of time to prepare any really useful information.
Its much better to spend that time on the library development instead 🙂

But be sure – project is alive and will be alive (unless Oracle decides to deprecate Swing but i hardly believe that will happen).

But everyone wants to hear something once in a while – that is why i added Roadmap which gets updated with almost each commit.
You can also see all the changes in the commit comments on Google Code project page – its the same as the list posted as “done” in roadmap.

Also as i said many times – feel free to contact me at anytime if you have any questions or suggestions.

About the release

Already 6 months passed since 1.3 release and i have finished most of refactorings and library overall performance improvements – now it works much smoother and the code is finally clean enough to use it without any limitations. There is still a lot to be done (well, as always) but i will move most of unimportant features into next releases and will finish with main things that have to be done to achieve a stable version.

So, here is what i want to finish until v.1.4 release:

  • Quick, clean and functional filechooser UI implementation
  • Proper colorchooser UI implementation
  • Dockable pane and Dockable frame components
  • Critical bugfixes and small useful improvements

I won’t say that these features will be added soon, but i hope to finish most part of it until the next year – so it is about 1.5-2 months.

You can still keep an eye on the changes i add into the preview library build  (or just track the SVN changes) and use it instead the old version.  The old v.1.3 version is actually deprecated and will be replaced by the new upcoming preview build, which is already much more stable and useful than the older versions.