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WebLaF v1.29 [pre-release] This is currently the most stable version

WebLaF JAR with deps:
[~5.5 Mb] weblaf-complete-1.29.jar

[~3.8 Mb] weblaf-1.29.jar

WebLaF core JAR:
[~0.8 Mb] weblaf-core-1.29.jar

WebLaF ui JAR:
[~2.9 Mb] weblaf-ui-1.29.jar

Source code ZIP:
[~7.6 Mb] weblaf-src-1.29.zip

Source code JAR:
[~5.7 Mb] weblaf-src-1.29.jar

JavaDoc JAR:
[~8.5 Mb] weblaf-javadoc-1.29.jar

Demo app JAR:
[~10.7 Mb] weblaf-demo-1.29.jar

9-Patch editor JAR:
[~5.5 Mb] ninepatch-editor-1.29.jar


WebLaF v1.29 [styling] This is a styling branch preview build

WebLaF JAR with deps:
[~5.7 Mb] weblaf-complete-1.29.jar

[~4.1 Mb] weblaf-1.29.jar

WebLaF core JAR:
[~0.8 Mb] weblaf-core-1.29.jar

WebLaF ui JAR:
[~3.1 Mb] weblaf-ui-1.29.jar

Source code ZIP:
[~5.3 Mb] weblaf-src-1.29.zip

Source code JAR:
[~3.1 Mb] weblaf-src-1.29.jar

JavaDoc JAR:
[~8.9 Mb] weblaf-javadoc-1.29.jar

Demo app JAR:
[~8.2 Mb] weblaf-demo-1.29.jar

9-Patch editor JAR:
[~5.8 Mb] ninepatch-editor-1.29.jar




  1. Rahul Singh
    Jul 11, 2016 @ 18:00:26

    Getting a error when adding weblaf to my swing project please help

    Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.ClassCastException: javax.swing.JComboBox cannot be cast to javax.swing.JSpinner$DefaultEditor
                    at com.alee.laf.spinner.WebSpinnerUI.updateEditorStyle(WebSpinnerUI.java:220)
                    at com.alee.laf.spinner.WebSpinnerUI.replaceEditor(WebSpinnerUI.java:198)
                    at javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicSpinnerUI$Handler.propertyChange(BasicSpinnerUI.java:974)
                    at java.beans.PropertyChangeSupport.fire(PropertyChangeSupport.java:335)
                    at java.beans.PropertyChangeSupport.firePropertyChange(PropertyChangeSupport.java:327)
                    at java.beans.PropertyChangeSupport.firePropertyChange(PropertyChangeSupport.java:263)
                    at java.awt.Component.firePropertyChange(Component.java:8393)
                    at javax.swing.JSpinner.setEditor(JSpinner.java:517)
                    at com.toedter.calendar.JMonthChooser.(Unknown Source)
                    at com.toedter.calendar.JCalendar.(Unknown Source)
                    at com.toedter.calendar.JCalendar.(Unknown Source)
                    at com.toedter.calendar.JDateChooser.(Unknown Source)
                    at com.toedter.calendar.JDateChooser.(Unknown Source)
                    at autobackup.AutoBackupGUI.initComponents(AutoBackupGUI.java:137)
                    at autobackup.AutoBackupGUI.(AutoBackupGUI.java:71)
                    at autobackup.AutoBackupGUI$37.run(AutoBackupGUI.java:1016)
                    at java.awt.event.InvocationEvent.dispatch(InvocationEvent.java:312)
                    at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEventImpl(EventQueue.java:733)
                    at java.awt.EventQueue.access$200(EventQueue.java:103)
                    at java.awt.EventQueue$3.run(EventQueue.java:694)
                    at java.awt.EventQueue$3.run(EventQueue.java:692)
                    at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method)
                    at java.security.ProtectionDomain$1.doIntersectionPrivilege(ProtectionDomain.java:76)
                    at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(EventQueue.java:703)
                    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForFilters(EventDispatchThread.java:242)
                    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForFilter(EventDispatchThread.java:161)
                    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(EventDispatchThread.java:150)
                    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(EventDispatchThread.java:146)
                    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(EventDispatchThread.java:138)
                    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.run(EventDispatchThread.java:91)
    BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 5 seconds)

  2. Nagamani Gokul
    Jan 29, 2016 @ 14:52:01

    Need some help on using weblaf

  3. Adnan
    Nov 18, 2015 @ 02:57:55

    Thanks for the 9patch tool, pretty nice !

  4. Jeff
    Jul 17, 2015 @ 23:38:10

    Another thing: I´m using OJDBC7 to connect to a Oracle Database in my application.
    If I run the code to apply the L&F: “WebLookAndFeel.install ();”, when I try to run the query at database, it just don´t return any data anymore. If I remove the code above, it return to work as expected.

    Can you have any ideas why this is happening?


    • Mikle
      Jul 20, 2015 @ 15:33:27

      This might have happened with v1.28 or older versions because WebLaF ProxyManager was trying to automatically setup proxy settings. With newer versions this functionality was disabled by default. You might either disable ProxyManager force settings initialization or use newer WebLaF version from here: http://weblookandfeel.com/downloads/prerelease/

      • Jeff
        Jul 20, 2015 @ 16:44:25

        Well, I downloaded the weblaf-complete-1.29.jar, update the lib in my project and try to run the query again, but still not returning nothing.

        After I added the code:
        before the line WebLookAndFeel.install();
        and still nothing.

        My entire main method right now:

        public static void main(String args[]) {

        /* Create and display the form */
        java.awt.EventQueue.invokeLater(new Runnable() {
        public void run() {
        new Splash().setVisible(true);

        Am I doing something wrong?


        • Mikle
          Jul 20, 2015 @ 17:24:14

          Are you sure your code works fine without L&F install method? Because I just tried a simple DB data retrieval code and it works fine with and without L&F being installed.

          You might want to try a simple separate method which will:
          1. Install WebLaF
          2. Execute DB query
          3. Output results into System.out
          and see if it works or not.

          If it doesn’t – post complete example of the code you have used (or mail it to me to mgarin@alee.com) – this will help me to narrow down the source of this issue, if I am able to reproduce it with the provided code of course.

  5. Jeff
    Jul 17, 2015 @ 22:34:55

    Hi Mikle,

    first of all, great job, the L&F of java application looks amazing with your code.

    Unfortunatelly, I´m getting some errors with WebFrame component using Netbeans 8.0.2.
    Some properties of WebFrame, like attachButtons, round or shadeWidth at properties list is showing in red color with the message: Error getting property value.
    When I try to programatically modify these values, it throw an Exception like this:

    Exception in thread “AWT-EventQueue-0” java.lang.ClassCastException: javax.swing.plaf.metal.MetalRootPaneUI cannot be cast to com.alee.laf.rootpane.WebRootPaneUI
    at com.alee.laf.rootpane.WebFrame.getWebRootPaneUI(WebFrame.java:331)
    at com.alee.laf.rootpane.WebFrame.setRound(WebFrame.java:176) ….

    Can you help me fix this problems?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Mikle
      Jul 20, 2015 @ 15:30:47

      This is happening because all style-related settings are stored within the UI in current version and WebFrame has to access that UI in order to retrieve them. In your case MetalRootPaneUI is returned instead of WebRootPaneUI which causes the exception. Unfortunately WebLaF doesn’t work well with UI builders because it requires L&F initialization in order to function properly, which is usually not possible with UI builders.

      Programmatically you might receive this exception only if you don’t install WebLaF as application L&F and are trying to retrieve custom style settings from Web-components.

  6. Dhana
    May 07, 2015 @ 18:33:21

    Can u tell me how to use WebStatusBar component on swing?Can u send me an email?

    • Mikle
      May 11, 2015 @ 17:49:17

      WebStatusBar is a simple Swing container with customized appearance – you can place it anywhere you like (usually at the bottom of your application) and place any components you like into it (usually some status label and icons/controls).

  7. Marcelo
    Mar 26, 2015 @ 05:21:53

    When you say “Version v1.40 is going to be first stable library release” is because the version 1.28 is not for production ready yet?

    • Mikle
      Mar 26, 2015 @ 11:11:08

      I guess its not the best phrasing, it simply means that starting with v1.40 and till v2 library API won’t be broken and will stay as it is except some new features added along the way of course – those might be changed until they exit “beta-state”. Of course it’s not like API is changing all the time now, but I still have to add some important improvements to add.

      Also it highly depends on the usage case – it is possible that you won’t notice any changes at all if you are using only basic features of WebLaF.

      In any case – library code itself is pretty stable and shouldn’t cause any runtime issues. If there are any – I am fixing those in the shortest possible time.

  8. ronald santos
    Feb 23, 2015 @ 20:38:10

    good afternoon
    How do I use the weblaf in the en_US language?

    • Mikle
      Feb 27, 2015 @ 00:38:36

      Good day!
      Depends on what you mean – the WebLaF UI language? Or application’s locale? Or something else?

      WebLaF sets its own internal translation to English by default (check out LanguageManager tutorial on wiki) which also sets the application Locale to the appropriate one, though it doesn’t have specific options like en_US or en_GB and it doesn’t have specific translation for those cases since they seems to be redundant in terms of the basic UI. Though you can easily add those if you need them by altering/adding additional language files.

  9. Affan
    Nov 15, 2014 @ 18:11:43

    How to use WebLaf with eclipse..??

    • Mikle
      Nov 16, 2014 @ 11:02:14

      As Eclipse L&F or simply as an Eclipse project library?

      • Affan
        Nov 24, 2014 @ 15:26:49

        I want to use weblaf look and feel in my project in eclipse IDE,
        I want weblaf buttons etc instead of eclipse default windowsbuilder swing components

        • Mikle
          Jan 13, 2015 @ 13:15:01

          I didn’t work with Eclipse a lot so I’m not sure how you can add custom components there, you should reference Eclipse IDE manual or ask this question on Eclipse IDE -related forums. I am sure there should be a way to do that since there is a way in IntelliJ Idea and NetBeans IDEs.

  10. VAdaihiep
    Sep 03, 2014 @ 14:16:10

    Thanks for your tool, it’s best 9 patch tool i’ve ever use.
    I wish it can resize 9patch image (to xdpi, hdpi, …) in the next version.

    • Mikle
      Sep 03, 2014 @ 18:59:15

      Well, I cannot resize image automatically to higher DPI one, but it will be possible to keep multiply images opened and probably there will be also options to switch between various image sets to preview and edit them fast. These features will be available in later updates – I cannot say for sure when it will be out yet.

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