Playing Nicely with Others

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Playing Nicely with Others

Postby ianp » Mon Nov 04, 2013 2:11 pm

An issue that I've come across when trying to use WebLaF is that it defines custom versions of pretty much every Swing component, this makes it difficult if not impossible to use with any other components from different libraries.

For example if I want to use JXTable from SwingX or SortableTable from JIDE with WebLaF then I'm basically bang out of luck: it's one or the other.

As a Look & Feel WebLaF should not mandate the use of custom component classes for core components (obviously the various extended components are a different matter). Most of the subclasses only contain helper methods (often just 1-line redirects to other helper methods!) which could easily be moved to static methods on a helper class instead so the changes, while breaking for current WebLaF users, would be fairly trivial to make for the most part.

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Re: Playing Nicely with Others

Postby mgarin » Tue Nov 05, 2013 12:49 pm

WebLaF doesn't really force you to use custom Web-components. They were added to provide you with direct access to component's Web-UI methods which make them highly customizable unlike standard Swing components. But you can still use J-components (if you don't want to change your code or stick to WebLaF components set) and some custom components from other libraries like Jide or SwingX - they will still be styled properly, unless some additional styling required for them to work properly (that might be the case).

I also tried to make default UI settings compatible with most components usage cases, so that you won't have to customize it through some ugly UI calls in case you are not using Web-components.

Anyway, if there are any problems with custom components from 3rd-party libraries (like Jide, SwingX and others) you might want to post them here so i could solve them or point you the right direction in case it is not WebLaF issue. To be honest - I did not optimize WebLaF to work with other libraries so i am sure there are still some issues in UI defaults which may result in exceptions or inappropriate components view.
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