Package com.alee.extended.breadcrumb

Interface Summary
BreadcrumbElement Breadcrumb element interface.

Class Summary
BreadcrumbUtils This class provides a set of utilities for breadcrumbs.
WebBreadcrumb User: mgarin Date: 01.03.12 Time: 18:54
WebBreadcrumbButton User: mgarin Date: 01.03.12 Time: 19:07
WebBreadcrumbLabel Custom label that can be used as WebBreadcrumb element.
WebBreadcrumbPanel User: mgarin Date: 25.09.12 Time: 13:26
WebBreadcrumbStyle User: mgarin Date: 01.03.12 Time: 19:11
WebBreadcrumbToggleButton User: mgarin Date: 02.03.12 Time: 12:20
WebFileBreadcrumb User: mgarin Date: 22.06.12 Time: 15:00
WebFileBreadcrumbStyle User: mgarin Date: 26.06.12 Time: 16:09

Enum Summary
BreadcrumbElementType This enumeration represents possible breadcrumb element types.