Package com.alee.extended.label

Class Summary
WebHotkeyLabel This class provides a quick access to hotkey-styled label with additional costructors for quick hotkey text initialization.
WebLinkLabel This custom component provides a link functionality together with default label options.
WebLinkLabelStyle User: mgarin Date: 06.06.12 Time: 13:08
WebMultiLineLabel User: mgarin Date: 22.05.12 Time: 16:11
WebMultiLineLabelUI Label UI delegate that supports multiple lines and line wrapping.
WebMultiLineLabelUI.SegmentCache Static singleton Segment cache.
WebStepLabel This class provides a quick access to step-styled label which can be used to visualize some process steps.
WebTipLabel User: mgarin Date: 16.09.11 Time: 13:45
WebVerticalLabel This WebLabel extension class allows you to display text vertically and provides a direct access to WebVerticalLabelUI methods.
WebVerticalLabelUI Custom UI for WebVerticalLabel component.