Package com.alee.extended.layout

Interface Summary
TableLayoutConstants TableLayoutConstants define the constants used by all the TableLayout classes.

Class Summary
AbstractLayoutManager This an abstract layout manager that hides some less frequently used layout methods.
AccordionLayout Custom layout for WebAccordion component.
AlignLayout This layout allows you to align components inside the container using the standart Swing constants.
BreadcrumbLayout User: mgarin Date: 01.03.12 Time: 18:50
ComponentPanelLayout User: mgarin Date: 30.05.12 Time: 17:54
GroupLayout Custom layout mostly used by custom GroupPanel container.
HorizontalFlowLayout User: mgarin Date: 06.05.11 Time: 15:17
HorizontalOverflowLayout User: mgarin Date: 30.12.11 Time: 18:16
MultiLayout Custom layout that allows multiply layout strategies to be applied to single container.
NotificationsLayout Custom layout for proper notifications placement on glass pane.
OverlayData User: mgarin Date: 05.06.12 Time: 20:06
OverlayLayout This is a specific layout for WebOverlay component that allows you to add overlaying components atop of single main component.
RowData User: mgarin Date: 18.04.12 Time: 17:17
SingleFiledLayout SingleFiledLayout lays out components singled filed.
SlidingLayout User: mgarin Date: 11.04.12 Time: 17:30
StackLayout This layout manager allows you to stack components atop of each other.
TableLayout TableLayout is a layout manager that is more powerful than GridBagLayout yet much easier to use.
TableLayout.Entry The following inner class is used to bind components to their constraints.
TableLayoutConstraints TableLayoutConstraints binds components to their constraints.
ToolbarLayout This layout allows you to quickly and easily place components in a toolbar-like components without overloading interface with lots of panels and different layouts.
VerticalFlowLayout User: mgarin Date: 16.05.11 Time: 13:10
WrapFlowLayout User: mgarin Date: 07.10.11 Time: 15:14

Enum Summary
OverlayLocation User: mgarin Date: 05.06.12 Time: 20:06