Package com.alee.extended.painter

Interface Summary
Painter<E extends JComponent> This interface provides basic methods for component view painting.
PainterListener Painter listener interface.
PartialDecoration This interface should be implemented by any component/UI/painter that supports partial decoration.
SpecificPainter This interface is implemented by painters which are component-specific.

Class Summary
AbstractPainter<E extends JComponent> This abstract painter provides a few additional useful features atop of the Painter interface.
AdaptivePainter<E extends JComponent> Special painter made to adapts any kind of painters to fit custom painters within the specific UIs.
AlphaLayerPainter<E extends JComponent> Alpha layer painter.
AlphaLayerPainterStyle AlphaLayerPainter style class.
BorderPainter<E extends JComponent> Simple border painter.
BorderPainterStyle BorderPainter style class.
ColorPainter<E extends JComponent> Simple color painter.
ComponentState This class contains default state constants supported by NinePatchStatePainter.
DashedBorderPainter<E extends JComponent> Dashed border painter.
DashedBorderPainterStyle DashedBorderPainter style class.
InnerShadePainter<E extends JComponent>  
NinePatchIconPainter<E extends JComponent> Custom painter for 9-patch icon.
NinePatchStatePainter<E extends JComponent> This painter class allows you to specify multiply 9-patch images for different component states.
PainterSupport This special class provides basic methods to link painter with components.
TexturePainter<E extends JComponent> Texure painter.
TitledBorderPainter<E extends JComponent> Titled border painter.
TitledBorderPainterStyle TitledBorderPainter style class.
WebStylePainter<E extends JComponent> Custom web-style painter for basic elements like panels, buttons e.t.c.

Enum Summary
TextureType This enumeration contains list of exising predefined textures for TexturePainter class.
TitlePosition This enumeration represents the list of possible title positions for TitledBorderPainter.