Package com.alee.extended.window

Interface Summary
PopOverListener Custom listener for WebPopOver state listening.

Class Summary
ComponentMoveAdapter This listener allows you to simplify window/component move action.
PopOverAdapter Adapter for PopOverListener listener.
TestFrame This class provides a quick way to open frame with the specified content and some other settings.
WebFadeDialog User: mgarin Date: 24.07.12 Time: 17:53
WebPopOver Custom stylish pop-over dialog with a special corner that follows invoker component.
WebPopOverStyle WebPopOver style class.
WebProgressDialog User: mgarin Date: 14.02.12 Time: 12:08

This class provides a quick way to display a progress dialog anywhere you need it and change the progress values without any additional efforts like working with Swing thread to update progress

WindowResizeAdapter User: mgarin Date: 02.11.11 Time: 15:59

Enum Summary
PopOverDirection This enumeration represents possible WebPopOver dialog display ways relative to invoker component.
PopOverLocation This enumeration represents possible WebPopOver default display locations on the screen.
PopOverSourcePoint This enumeration represents WebPopOver source point.