Interface Summary
PopupMenuPainter<E extends JPopupMenu> Base interface for JPopupMenu component painters.

Class Summary
AdaptivePopupMenuPainter<E extends JPopupMenu> Simple PopupMenuPainter adapter class.
MenuItemChangeListener Special menu item change listener required to update popup menu decoration properly.
MenuUtils This class provides a set of utilities for menu elements.
WebCheckBoxMenuItem This JCheckBoxMenuItem extension class provides a direct access to WebCheckBoxMenuItemUI methods.
WebCheckBoxMenuItemUI Custom UI for JCheckBoxMenuItem component.
WebMenu This JMenu extension class provides a direct access to WebMenuUI methods.
WebMenuBarStyle User: mgarin Date: 31.01.12 Time: 16:39
WebMenuBarUI User: mgarin Date: 15.08.11 Time: 20:24
WebMenuItem This JMenuItem extension class provides a direct access to WebMenuItemUI methods.
WebMenuItemStyle WebMenu, WebMenuItem, WebCheckBoxMenuItem and WebRadioButtonMenuItem style class.
WebMenuItemUI Custom UI for JMenuItem component.
WebMenuUI Custom UI for JMenu component.
WebPopupMenu This JPopupMenu extension class provides a direct access to WebPopupMenuUI methods.
WebPopupMenuSeparator Custom menu separator component based on JSeparator.
WebPopupMenuSeparatorStyle WebPopupMenuSeparator style class.
WebPopupMenuSeparatorUI Custom UI for JPopupMenu.Separator component.
WebPopupMenuStyle WebPopupMenu style class.
WebPopupMenuUI Custom UI for JPopupMenu component.
WebRadioButtonMenuItem This JRadioButtonMenuItem extension class provides a direct access to WebRadioButtonMenuItemUI methods.
WebRadioButtonMenuItemUI Custom UI for JRadioButtonMenuItem component.

Enum Summary
MenuBarStyle This enumeration represents possible menubar styles.
PopupMenuType This enumeration represents various popup menu types.
PopupMenuWay This enumeration represents default ways of displaying popup menu.