Package com.alee.managers.popup

Class Summary
PopupAdapter User: mgarin Date: 04.06.12 Time: 12:39
PopupLayer This special container is used to place various custom WebLaF popups on it.
PopupManager This manager allows you to add your own popups within the window/applet root pane bounds.
ShadeLayer This special popup layer is used to place modal-like popups atop of it.
ShadeLayerStyle User: mgarin Date: 14.06.12 Time: 17:54
WebButtonPopup User: mgarin Date: 26.03.12 Time: 17:32
WebPopup This is base popup class which offers basic popups functionality and contains all features needed to create great-looking popups within the window root pane bounds.

Enum Summary
PopupStyle This enumeration represents predefined available popup styles.
PopupWay This enumeration represents possible popup display ways relative to invoker component.