Package com.alee.managers.settings

Interface Summary
DefaultValue This interface notifies that any implementing class is going to provide public static getDefaultValue method that will give you the default class instance when called.
SettingsListener Settings change listener interface.
SettingsMethods This interface provides a set of methods that should be added into components which are supported by SettingsManager.

Class Summary
ComponentSettingsManager This SettingsManager sub-manager registers and processes component settings auto-save/restore them on any changes within or outside of that component.
SettingsConverter Custom XStream converter for SettingsManager groups.
SettingsGroup Settings group data class.
SettingsGroupState This class contains information about single SettingsGroup read state.
SettingsManager This manager allows you to quickly and easily save any serializable data into settings files using simple XML format.
SettingsProcessor<C extends Component,V extends Serializable> This abstract class represents core component settings tracking functionality.
SettingsProcessorData Base data class for any SettingsProcessor.
WebSettingsManager Minor additions over core SettingsManager.

Enum Summary
ReadState This enumeration represents SettingsGroup read states.