Class WebHotkeyLabelPainter<E extends javax.swing.JLabel>

  extended by com.alee.extended.painter.AbstractPainter<E>
      extended by<E>
          extended by<E>
All Implemented Interfaces:
Painter<E>, SpecificPainter, LabelPainter<E>

public class WebHotkeyLabelPainter<E extends javax.swing.JLabel>
extends WebLabelPainter<E>

Custom painter for WebHotkeyLabel component.

Mikle Garin
See Also:
AbstractPainter, Painter

Field Summary
static java.awt.Color bg
static java.awt.Color border
          Used colors.
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backgroundPainter, drawShade, paintIconR, paintTextR, shadeColor, transparency
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listeners, margin, opaque, preferredSize
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void paint(java.awt.Graphics2D g2d, java.awt.Rectangle bounds, E label)
          Paints visual data onto the component graphics.
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getBackgroundPainter, getMargin, getPreferredSize, getShadeColor, getTransparency, isDrawShade, isOpaque, layout, layoutCL, paintDisabledText, paintEnabledText, paintShadowText, setBackgroundPainter, setDrawShade, setShadeColor, setTransparency
Methods inherited from class com.alee.extended.painter.AbstractPainter
addPainterListener, install, p, removePainterListener, repaint, repaint, repaint, revalidate, setMargin, setMargin, setMargin, setOpaque, setPreferredSize, uninstall, updateAll, updateOpacity
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addPainterListener, install, removePainterListener, uninstall

Field Detail


public static java.awt.Color border
Used colors.


public static java.awt.Color bg
Constructor Detail


public WebHotkeyLabelPainter()
Method Detail


public void paint(java.awt.Graphics2D g2d,
                  java.awt.Rectangle bounds,
                  E label)
Paints visual data onto the component graphics. Provided graphics and component are taken directly from component UI paint method. Provided bounds are usually fake (zero location, component size) but in some cases it might be specified by componentUI.

Specified by:
paint in interface Painter<E extends javax.swing.JLabel>
paint in class WebLabelPainter<E extends javax.swing.JLabel>
g2d - component graphics
bounds - bounds for painter visual data
label - component to process