Interface BorderMethods

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WebButtonUI, WebCheckBoxMenuItemUI, WebComboBoxUI, WebFormattedTextFieldUI, WebLabelUI, WebMenuBarUI, WebMenuItemUI, WebMenuUI, WebPanelUI, WebPasswordFieldUI, WebPopupMenuUI, WebProgressBarUI, WebRadioButtonMenuItemUI, WebScrollBarUI, WebSliderUI, WebSpinnerUI, WebSplitButtonUI, WebSplitPaneUI, WebTabbedPaneUI, WebTextAreaUI, WebTextFieldUI, WebToggleButtonUI, WebToolBarUI, WebToolTipUI, WebVerticalLabelUI

public interface BorderMethods
extends SwingMethods

This interface provides a set of methods that should be added into components or UIs that support custom WebLaF borders.

Mikle Garin
See Also:
SwingMethods, SwingUtils

Method Summary
 void updateBorder()
          Updates custom WebLaF border.

Method Detail


void updateBorder()
Updates custom WebLaF border.