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First alpha-release


Finally its here!

You can download library and its source code from the “Download” page.
This alpha-version is licensed under GPLv3 license.

This release was also announced on Habrahabr.

Check out few example-set screenshots under cut!


Site language changes


Since this library is going to be multilanguaged i translated the whole site and all posts and sections into english language.

In case some additional help will be needed on some specific language – it will be posted separately in description section or in FAQ afterwards.

Hopefully everyone who might be in need of such library knows English though! 😉

Extended components set


I want to describe the “extended components” part of the library a bit more in this post, so let’s see what is that exactly and how You can use it.

You might find similar components in lots of other libraries, but i assure You – some of them are presented only here. And even more – the whole library is presented in the same design concept as the standart Swing-components UI’s from WebLookAndFeel.


Filling up the blog


During next few months i will fill up different categories with latest information about library state and lots of examples on “how to use” any of components and features presented in it.

Since i have already recieved a few feedbacks from interested people i created a standart “FAQ” page for some of them and even a bit more. You might find an answer on Your question there aswell. If not – contact me 🙂

Also stay tuned on the description, examples and download pages updates and don’t miss the first release!

First sketches


Today i would like to tell you about new upcoming Java-project which is still on its way to first release – WebLookAndFeel. It is cross-platform Java LookAndFeel with lots of useful extended components (which are also styled the same way as WebLookAndFeel) and features (like lots of usefuly Utils-classes, Swing-extensions and others).

(Don’t miss screenshots under the cut!)