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Roadmap & build


Project roadmap

Since new versions takes pretty much time to finish and assemble i have decided to populate upcoming versions roadmap and keep it updated. This roadmap is much more specific than just some abstract “future plan” and it contains all of the features/bugs/improvements i am going to finish before the final version release. Roadmap might also be modified several times to include or exclude some of the changes depending on the situation. All changes marked with GREEN might be found in project sources even before the final release.

ANT build script

To make source code comfortable to use i have added ANT build script into the project which has 6 targets:

  • Build WebLookAndFeel.jar
  • Build Sources.zip
  • Build WebLookAndFeel_demo.jar
  • Build NinePatchEditor.jar
  • Run WebLookAndFeel_demo.jar
  • Run NinePatchEditor.jar

Using them you can build exactly the same libraries/packages i am uploading to this site when new version is released.

You can read an extended “how to build” description in FAQ forum topic here:

Source code repository


I have finally moved WebLaF dev-version code to Google Code project repository, so from now on you can access the new upcoming features even before the release!

 – Here you can find the WebLaF project:

– And here is the source:

– To check out the project use either this command:
svn checkout http://weblookandfeel.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ weblookandfeel-read-only

– or this address as the SVN repository in your IDE or SVN client:

Note that dev-version unlike the stable release versions might have some critical bugs in it.
In case you find one – you can inform me about it anytime.


About 1.4 version…

I am still (yeh, already a few months) working on it, but it will be released this week.
Pretty possible that 1.4 version will get a few post-updates in case some bugs will still be there

I will post full updates and new features list together with the release, don’t miss it!

Forum and v.1.4 version


Thanks to awesome phpBB forum engine i was able to get a working forum up pretty fast.
Now you can feel free to post any questions, suggestions or some other matter there!

Also i should say that due to some massive library improvements to create an actually stable version i have postponed next release, but it will be there.

In next version will be added full RTL support,  some more components styling, lots of fixes and speed improvements and a few other sweet features for Swing 😉

Stay tuned for updates!

Commercial license


You can now purchase WebLookAndFeel library from Buy page through PayPal.

There are two types of license – for single and multi applications.
Both of them grants unlimited tech-support for current major library version.

Don’t miss the chance to enhance Your application!

Site language changes


Since this library is going to be multilanguaged i translated the whole site and all posts and sections into english language.

In case some additional help will be needed on some specific language – it will be posted separately in description section or in FAQ afterwards.

Hopefully everyone who might be in need of such library knows English though! 😉