First sketches


Today i would like to tell you about new upcoming Java-project which is still on its way to first release – WebLookAndFeel. It is cross-platform Java LookAndFeel with lots of useful extended components (which are also styled the same way as WebLookAndFeel) and features (like lots of usefuly Utils-classes, Swing-extensions and others).

(Don’t miss screenshots under the cut!)

So, let’s jump to first example right away:

This component (WebColorChooser) is a replacement of standart Swing JColorChooser, which is commonly overloaded with useless features and interfaces.

It’s still in development, but i bet you can see the difference with JColorChooser:


This is currently planned extended components list:

  • WebDateChooser
  • WebDateCombobox
  • WebCalendar
  • WebColorCombobox
  • WebColorChooser
  • WebColorChooserPanel
  • WebFileChooser
  • WebFileChooserPanel
  • WebDirectoryChooser
  • WebDirectoryChooserPanel
  • WebImageGallery
  • WebImageEditor
  • WebFrame
  • WebDialog
  • WebInnerFrame
  • WebInnerDialog
  • WebInnerToolbar

Even more components will be joining this list before the first release.

Also as i said before the library will containt a large set of Utils-classes for any situations (file copying, image thumbnails creation, text formatting e.t.c) and also extended features (like Tooltip/Focus/Hotkey managers).
I’ll show You some more of almost completed UI components, so you can imagine how it will look like alltogether:














Closer to first alpha-release i’ll gather all needed information about the library on this site so you can start using it right away after download. You will find all needed information on “Documentation” page.

If something interested You – don’t hestiate to contact me in any way You like (there are lots!).


All components screenshots posted here might not be actual to the time first release comes, just in case…

Still, you can always find latest updates on library state in “Documentation” category on this site.