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What is it “Web Look and Feel”?

First of all – it is pure-Java cross-platform Look and Feel for any Swing-based Java application (you can also call it a Swing theme or skin).

This means You will not have any problems with application interface changing from one Operating System (OS) to another one. And also that means this Look and Feel can be used anywhere – on Windows, Mac, any Linux system, Solaris and others!

Second – it is an extensive components library with gorgeous interface which is improved more and more with each new update and version (which are coming out almost each month).

This means that the library not only provides Look and Feel for Your application, but also offers You some extended components which are styled and acting the same way as the styled Swing components do. Also frequent updates will be adding more awesome features and quickly fixing appeared bugs (if there are any).

Third – it is an open-source library dual-licensed under GPLv3 and ALEE Software commercial license.

Which generally means You can use this library for free if You are working under an open-source project. In case You are working on a closed-source project You will need to purchase a separate ALEE Software commercial license to deploy library with Your project.

And finally, forth – I guarantee a quick feedback and assistance with any questions, problems or bugs You find working with WebLookAndFeel library.

This means You don’t need to wait for a new update, praying that it will fix Your problem – just contact me about it and i will try to get it solved as quickly as possible. And also that means that using WebLookAndFeel library guarantees You an “unlimited” support for its current actual version.


What is the main difference from other libraries?

The main difference is that WebLookAndFeel library not only provides Look and Feel for Your application, but also a lot of additional Swing components, utility classes and other small features that will dramatically reduce the time You might spend on creating Your application interface.

Usually a lot of time spent on styling different Swing components the way You want them to be, since standard Swing Look and Feel’s do not allow a lot of customization to be done. At least not in the proper way.

WebLookAndFeel library offers You a much greater list of opportunities in that way. Plus You always have the source code of the library and are free to change it the way You like, but in most cases You won’t even need to do so, since library provides a lot of different ways to quickly customize one component, all its branch or the whole Look and Feel at once.


If You still have some more questions about the site, library ot its future You might want to see FAQ page or library Documentation section for more information.

You can also download and try out a library demo from Download page.

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