Questions and feedback

Release date is getting close now and while working on the update I have realized that even I have to peak into my own JavaDoc and code from time to time to make sure that things are working the way I want and expect them to. Of course I tried to make a lot of convenience improvements with this update everywhere I could, but its scope is still huge and I possibly missed a few spots here and there and I can’t really replace all the legacy in just one update even though it took quite a while.

So before the release hits and you will have a lot of questions to ask about various changes and new things introduced in WebLaF v1.29, I was looking for one more way to communicate to ensure that you can get help in shortest possible time. So far it was mostly GitHub issue tracker, some emails and a few forum posts once in a while.

  • GitHub issue tracker is really good, but it might get crippled by lots of question issues or long discussions which sometimes are probably not even related to topic.
  • E-mail communication takes time and it is not efficient when you want to quickly discuss some matter and get some code tips, especially when it is critical for your development process.
  • Forum have proven to be inconvenient and I am planning to shut it down and also bring some major improvements to the WebLaF site next month.

Just a few days ago I stumbled upon Gitter service and shortly after looking into a few example usages I decided to try it out. Gitter is an online chat with a pretty awesome GitHub integration and support for lots of QoL features you will miss trying to communicate through email or forums. It has one general public room and possibility to have private user-to-user conversations.

Feel free to stop by and chat with me about WebLaF!

There are also Gitter apps for different OS/devices:

Before wrapping up I want to mention that I will start pushing some major changes into `styling` branch this week. One of the big improvements will be the big change to the basic decoration painter that will now be able to hold settings for multiple states instead of just having one plain set of visual settings. Along with that change I will also be updating all themes for the components using that painter.